Organ 3D Printing

Made Easy

Create organ models effortlessly with our application. Have them conveniently printed and delivered to you.

Prepare for your patients with Organ Print

Organ Print will change the way we learn and prepare for surgery. The Organ Print software comes with a on-line 3D printing interface for efficient print order management.
You can delineate and segment the anatomy to be printed from CT or MRI images, and send the generated 3D data to an on-line service for printing the organ. Within a few days the organ is delivered to you.

Organ Print will be lauched in 2017.

We have just finished our market survey, if you took part in it we will contact you soon. As we continue to set up Organ Print software and service you can register already with us to receive early bird discounts.

You will be able to benefit from an extraordinary learning experience that will help you understand the complexity of the human body and prepare you for your medical exams.
The planned market introduction is in 2017, and you can be the first to test and feel the most realistic 3D printed organs possible.

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